Minecraft, FiveM and Rust servers hosting provider.

Hosting Categories

Minecraft Server Hosting

Price from
4 eur/month

FiveM Server Hosting

Price from
4 eur/month

Rust Server Hosting

Price from
4 eur/month

What sets us apart?

DDoS protection

Thanks to the special anti-DDoS system for games, you won't even feel the attacks against you, because our protection can support even up to 1 Tbit/s bandwidth, and more than 500 Gbit/s when filtering.

Fast Nvme SSD drives

Fast, not overloaded and optimized disks will allow your game server to "spin" even faster without any restrictions, achieving the best performance.

Servers Locations

Each client gets access to a management system that will allow you to upload/unload files, reload the game server and change its versions with just a few clicks of a button!

Servers locations

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